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5 hours ago

The Diet Guy-Bios3Training

available now link in bio:

GIFD tribute to the Troops tee!
Military green with black letters with the

On the back. Each shirt sold we will take 5$ and donate it to the semper fi fund. I’ve also agreed to sponsor a GIFD team for the ruck run! This is my way of saying thank you for all you do in the military active, non active duty, and retired veterans since I will not be at the real weights for real hero’s. I just want to do my part and @gifd_labs_official supports all of you fully!

This is a limited run with more color ways and designs in the future to show our support!!

Thank you all and be safe out there!!

#gifdlabs #ourtroops #usa #usmilitary @ Fairfax, Virginia

THANK YOU! @gifd_labs_official isn’t a company. It’s a ways of life. Since day one the support you have shown is just amazing. New draw string bags in stock and now free with every order as a thank you from us to you!! Don’t settle, get the fastest gains and fat loss possible. Have a great weekend and KICK ASS!! #gifdlabs #bmr4 #perfectpost ...