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Daily kick pic (DKP)
Jordan 1 high top OG
“Bred toe”
WhTs up sneaker heads, Jordan is back on track!
Last year or so almost all of the Jordan releases have been sitting. Many even going on sale. Resell has been low. But Jordan decided to scale back production to make the kicks more exclusive. The bred toe dropped yesterday. If you slept on these you missed them. They sold out fast. So finally one of the Jordan’s flew off the shelf again. Resell is up a bit on these resell on size 11 is $300! Already. I’m not a big fan if these. But I’m happy to see Jordan back at it and making things harder to get. Youth sizes are still available retail on shelves.
You like these or not?
#jordanbred #jordan1 #jordanbredtoe

Jaws 1,2,3,4and 5!! Watch them every time they are on since I was like 6 years old. A Christmas Story w Ralphie I’m it is another one. 😬 ...