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Threads of the day:

Hat: Lacoste
Shirt : sneaker life “ I collect yeezys”
Pants : calabasas limited from sole stage
Kickz: zebra

As of now zebras are no longer rare. So many people have retails and fakes....they are just as good at this point. So they don’t have the wow factor. These pants though, adidas recalled them after they they got to upscale boutiques. And before they got sent back I grabbed them from sole stage (yeezy mafia approved) and this color has not been faked.

The new news today is the semi frozen yellows will have gum soles. Samples for Kanye had them, but Kanye’s kids samples as well as other early release samples didn’t have them. So it’s up in the air as to if they will release with gum soles. BUT much like the dark green, that were cancelled, of you copped a pair of samples and they release different, hang on to those fuckers. Let people talk shit. Fuck em.
Yeezy season is soon us in less than a month and we will see the gum or no gum. 😬🙏🏻

Your social media page is like your house. You invite people over, and let them in to your life: if some of these fuckers aren’t respecting that KICK THEM THE FUCK OUT!!! Use that block, ban and delete button! People think it’s ok to come on your page and be a dick? Would they come to your house and be a dick? No. If they did you would toss them out. Same thing here. There is no shame in making toxic assholes disappear. And it pisses them off so bad! lol so they come and try and upset you, you block them and they get upset. Pretty simple. Fuck em. Keep deleting my friends. And #makesocialmediagreatagain ...