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Yesterday Erin and I went to see RAMPAGE. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, it’s an action, sci-fi trhiller😳 with CGI that wasn’t too much. Like some movies they put so much CG in it you almost can’t keep track of everything. RAMPAGE was awesome!!!!!! 5 stars, two 👍 when you start feeling bad for the gorilla that isn’t even real, that’s how you know it’s good shit! 👍👍 ...

Do you have to squat to get better legs?
Well I would have said yes a long time ago. Then this happened.
Left is 2012, right is a year later in 2013 where my legs not only look better (I’m leaner) but the sweep is better. I injured my back doing barbell rows. I remember being so upset that I couldn’t squat and the show was 3 months away. Phil Hernon was my coach. He assured me the leg press would take care of it. And he was right. Funny thing is you can go harder on a leg press because your lower back and core won’t give out before your legs. Lesson: the muscle doesn’t know where or what the resistance is. As long as the load is there and it increases the body will adapt!
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